Enjoy Music

  • Good music
    Folk, country, and blues; rock & pop; light-hearted funk.
    Anything & everything that’s easy listening on a mellow weekend away.
  • Young artists
    Enjoy some of Queensland’s most talented young artists and give them an opportunity to be seen on the big stage.


Discover the Outback

  • Explore
    Art & craft workshops to indulge your inner creative.
    Music workshops hosted by the artists & bands.
  • Culture
    Share in traditional outback and Aboriginal music, skills, arts, crafts and stories.
  • Rodeo
    Join us for some kickin’ family action at the National Finals Rodeo on the Friday night.


Share Community

  • Family
    Entertainment for the whole family at the kids festival this year
  • Music
    Regular jam sessions around the campfire – music bringing people together.
  • Stories
    You’ll have stories a-plenty after a weekend at Cully Fest.


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