Michael Nicholas

A highly celebrated Australian artist, Michael Nicholas has sold more than four thousand works of art around the world. Over the past three years Michael has made several trips back to Queensland’s Outback and explored areas of the region he had not previously been to – which will all be featured in this exhibition. His passion for Australian native birds remains strong and is reflected in his works.

Peta Warner

An outstanding outback artist, Peta Warner works with all mediums. She grew up in and around Tamworth and Gunnedah in New South Wales; her beekeeping family travelled throughout eastern Australia enjoying a mixture of rural and urban activities. Peta now lives and works with her husband, Shane and those of their family who happen to be available, on a sheep, cattle and rangeland goat producing property, 23 km west of Eulo, South West Queensland.

Let’s Talk Body Art by QBAS

The Queensland Body Artist Society (QBAS) is one of the extraordinary groups taking part in Cully Fest. They will be providing an amazing team to bring art to life. Body Art is a unique art form – unlike most others, body artists use a living, moving canvas, bringing the artwork alive for but a short moment before it washes down the drain. Celebrated artists Carleen Adorn, Diana Ormston, Sandra Temple, and Shelley Chalmers will be working on models who will stroll around Cully Fest impressing Toowoomba festival goers with this amazing body art. 

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