November Friday 17th - 6pm start - gates open at 5pm

National Finals Rodeo – ROUND 2

Clive Berghofer Events Centre, Toowoomba Showgrounds, TOOWOOMBA QLD

One of Australia’s most impressive rodeo events is coming to Cully Fest on Friday November 17.

We’re proud to be partnering with the National Finals Rodeo – and they’ve promised to pull out all the stops.

There’ll be thrills, spills, and plenty of high flying action as rodeo champions treat you to a spectacular show that the whole family will enjoy.

Bull Ride

Also known as the most dangerous eight seconds in sport, this fast paced, thrilling and incredibly dangerous activity, makes for some spectacular viewing.

Saddle & Bareback Ride

Another highly entertaining event that dawned from the skill of horse breaking among cowboys. Athletes mount a horse and similar to bull riding must last 8 seconds, whilst getting bucked, spun, twisted and thrown.

Steer Wrestling

A popular and incredibly dangerous event where competitors drop from a horse and attempt to wrestle a steer to the ground.

Steer Undecorating

Essentially the female version of steer wrestling. Competitors chase after a steer, however instead of dismounting and wrestling the steer, athletes lean over and remove a ribbon.

Rope & Tie

The Rope and Tie rodeo event is the ultimate test of mateship between rider and horse. A mounted cowboy chases after a calf, and tries to lasso and tie it away from the herd.

Team Roping

A fascinating team sport; two mounted riders try and lasso the head and legs of a steer –  this is the only rodeo event were both female and male competitors go head to head in the same category.

Barrel Race

Rodeo Barrel Race became part of rodeos predominantly as a women’s event. It was a niche women’s category in a male dominated sport. Competitors race against the clock and each other to dodge and weave through a series of barrels situated around the rodeo paddock.

Breakaway Roping

Breakaway roping is a variation of calf roping where a calf is roped, but not thrown and tied. It is a rodeo event that features a calf and one mounted rider. The calves are moved one at a time through narrow runs leading to a chute with spring-loaded doors.

Rodeo Clown

Rodeo clowns are there to entertain the crowd between events, so look forward to the slapstick comedic genius of these hardworking entertainers. The other main role of the rodeo clown is rodeo athlete protection. When a competing athlete falls off the bull, they dash in and distract the animal before it can hurt anyone.

Junior Events

Junior rodeo events come with their own excitement as the fearless youth of the industry battle for supremacy in U18 Junior Barrel Race, U18 Junior Breakaway Roping, U18 Junior Bull Ride, U15 Junior Steer Ride and 7-U12 Poddy Ride.

Rodeo Queen

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