Base Camp Cully Fest

Base Camp Cully Fest Camping Packages!

Festival Volunteer, Escape Cully Fest flight package from Sydney, Base Camp Cully FestBase Camp Cully Fest can offer up to 100 pre booked tent campsites all pre set up ready for your arrival to this great outback festival.  Cully Fest Base Camp experience offers safe and comfortable camping accommodation in the festival village.

Surrounded by nature with a great group atmosphere Base Camp is operated by Peter “Spida” & Sheree Everitt from the Great Australian Doorstep.  Both are seasoned campers and travellers exposing great locations around Australia through their TV & Radio travel show The Great Australian Doorstep.

The camp site is fully equipped with amenities, a great communal camp kitchen, a group campfire area with a good supply of wood and beautiful grassy sites and gardens.

With a range of choices available you can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.

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