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Artists Presenters Cully Fest 2017 – NOW CLOSED

angels_web_banner(lo_res)[1], artists presentersCully Fest is looking for artists presenters and performers for Cully Fest 17-19 November 2017.  If you are an artist, performer or presenter wanting to come to a Queensland festival we would love to hear from you.  Or maybe you want to showcase your musical talent and take that next step on the big stage?

We are happy to hear from people who want to get involved in our Toowoomba festival at the leading regional event venue Toowoomba Showgrounds. To apply to be an artist presenter for Cully Fest 2107, please fill out the online form to submit your expression of interest.

Performer & Artist Applications

  • Name of Performer or Artist Group or Act
  • Please complete
  • Please list the web address for the act or artist
  • Please complete relative contact email.
  • Please choose most relevant.
  • Please provide a short bio about the performance, act or activity.
  • Please provide long bio about act including; - 3 events they have entertained at in the last 6 mths. - Detail if they have performed in Toowoomba prior and if so what date and what for. - Detail type of audience they appeal to and age bracket
  • Please complete application date
  • Please provide where the act is based i.e. Town or City.
  • Please past Facebook link here
  • Please place Twitter link here
  • Please place Youtube or video link here.
  • If you have any questions or other information you feel needs to be included please place here.
  • Please ensure a detailed quote is provided including the time the act or activity will run, specific days if more than one.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Artist Presenters General Information

Artists presenters should submit an Expression of Interest by the due date.

18 November 2016: Expressions of interest are open for artists & presenters.

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26 February 2017: Expression of Interest close at 5pm sharp for artists & presenters.

6 March 2017: All applicants from artists presenters will be notified by email as to whether their bid has been successful for round one notifications for Cully Fest 2017.

7-19 March 2017: Successful artist contracts and logistics for those artists presenters that are accepted and confirmed, an online agreement process must be completed by 5pm 19 March 2017.

Logistics – Stage and technical requirements, passes, tent hire and/or accommodation bookings and other logistical information for artists presenters must be submitted online by 5pm 19 March 2017.




DanceHipHop2Web, artists presenters31 March 2017: Announce round one lineup for Cully Fest 2017!

We regret that we are unable to enter into further correspondence with unsuccessful artists presenters applicants.



No vehicles will be allowed to enter the Cully Fest site including the vehicles of artists presenters. A loading bay area will be set up at the entrance to the venue to facilitate the loading and unloading of artists & presenters equipment.

  • Time limits will apply and artist presenters vehicle must be moved immediately after your equipment is unloaded.
  • A loading bay pass will be issued to artists presenters and this must be presented to enter the loading bay area.
  • No artist presenters vehicles will be allowed to enter the loading bay area without the correct pass.

Artist & Presenters Transport:

artists presenters, Fest 2017, luxury Escape Cully Fest flight package from Sydney, Getting to Cunnamulla, Cunnamulla by plane, Cunnamulla by airIf you are travelling to Toowoomba for Cully Fest it is wise to visit Getting There for information on self driving, air and rail travel or coach options so you can make the best decisions when booking your festival.

A Performers Camping Area Tent City will be set up on the festival site at Toowoomba Showgrounds.

  • Comfortable tents with enough head room to stand, including two single beds or one queen will be pre set for your arrival.
  • Bedding will also be provided.
  • If artists presenters wish to sleep in your car or van, you will require a special camping car pass which needs to be completed with the contracts and logistics.
  • Limited vehicles will be allowed into the Performers Camping Area.
  • If you plan to bring your spouse/partner and children into the Performer Camping area, you must purchase their ticket.
  • It is not possible to bring additional family or friends into the Performer Camping area.
  • If you wish to camp with family or friends, you will need to make your own arrangements at the general caravan and camping grounds.
  • Cully Fest will not be arranging or paying for any accommodation costs as it is providing a performers camping area on site.  If you do not wish to camp on the grounds in the performers camping area you must make your own arrangements at your own cost.

Performer Camping Area /Tent City Facilities for Artists & Presenters Cully Fest 2017

artists presenters

  • Meals are provided for Artists Presenters at the festival free of charge in the performers breakout area.
  • Electricity is available onsite.
  • Hot showers and toilets are provided.
  • You are welcome to bring your own cooking equipment (no fires allowed).
  • Ice is available onsite.

artists presenters

Tickets are issued to Artists Presenters Cully Fest only. It is not possible to issue tickets to spouses, partners, children, band managers or others. Cully Fest provides venue stage managers, MCs, PAs, lighting equipment, sound engineers and operators.

  • Partner/Child Tickets
    • Discounted tickets for partners and children will only be available for purchase after the Logistics Stage of the booking process.
    • Only tickets purchased in this way will allow access to the Performers Camping Area.
    • These tickets are for immediate family only.
    • Partner/Child ticket purchases will be monitored to ensure they are appropriate to the size of your group.

  • All merchandise is sold through the Cully Fest Shop.
  • Merchandise may be promoted, but not sold from the stage.
  • A 20% commission is charged on all merchandise sales. GST will be charged on that commission.
  • You must register your intention to sell merchandise at Cully Fest.

  • EFT for merchandise sales will be processed seven days after the festival into your nominated bank account.
  • A 20% commission is charged on all merchandise sales. GST will be charged on that commission.
  • A full account for the merchandise sales will be emailed to you seven days after the festival.

The shop is located centrally and trading hours are 9am to 11pm. EFTPOS facilities are available.

Cully Fest Shop will offer Artist signing sessions to provide an opportunity for you to further promote your merchandise.  

Artists & Presenters Performing At Cully Fest

artists presenters

  • Each venue has a Coordinator or Stage Manager and MCs assigned.
  • All stages have technical staff – you do not need to bring your own crew or FOH.
  • Cully Fest provides a simple backline of a bass amp, guitar amp and drum kit. Any other requirements will be subject to further discussion.

  • This service operates between the Greenroom and most venues on the festival site (and between venues).
  • The service will operate from 8am to 6pm and should be booked well in advance of your performance.
  • This service is only for acts with lots of extra heavy gear.
  • No private vehicles will be allowed to enter any area of the festival precinct.

If you have supplied us with complete information and invoices as requested, your cheque will be available from the Cully Fest Site Office, 17-19 November 2017. You can cash the cheque at this time. If you have not provided the correct paperwork, you will not be able to collect your cheque at the festival.
Only Telstra and Optus network mobile phones work. 

  • Operates from 16 November, 2017, from 8am – 12pm.
  • This is a free-of-charge, “all care, no responsibility” service, operated by Cully Fest.