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Toowoomba festival Art at Cully Fest embodies the embracement and sharing of culture through storytelling and exchanging life experience.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so what better way to tell a story then through art. It’s culturally significant across the globe and is engraved deep in history. The 2017 Cully Fest Aboriginal and Outback Folk Festival in Toowoomba will embrace everything art, showcasing some of the nations most unique and talented artists.

Queensland is blessed to be home to such a large number of gifted artists and a great deal of their work is yet to be seen. This year Cully Fest is pulling out all the stops with a fantastic exhibition, giving patrons a unique chance to view outstanding artistic works. It’s going to be bigger and better then ever before with more on show, both musically, artistically and culturally.

Aboriginal art is uniquely Australian and is famous for storytelling. Symbols and patterns, explain stories and parts of outback history that can only be found through art. Walking through Cully Fest, expect to be amazed at the quality of art and stories on show. The artists are from diverse backgrounds and their art is a representation of things they love and what inspires them.

Toowoomba festival art at Cully Fest will be a must see cultural spectacle, hosting amazing musicians, artists, storytellers and so much more.

Take a step into the rich outback and Aboriginal history Australia offers through the 2017 Cully Fest Aboriginal and Outback Folk Festival in Toowoomba. 

Festival Art

Festival Art

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Toowoomba festival Art

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