Festival Food At Cully Fest Will Have Your Tastebuds Dancing

Festival food

The Darling Down’s region is famous for food and it will all be available at the 2017 Cully Fest.

Festival food at Cully Fest will become renown for its quality, variety and use of native foods from all over Queensland bringing you some of the most outstanding local cuisine the area has to offer.

Your taste buds will be dancing after trying the festival food Cully Fest is dishing up. With countless food stalls, so much bush tucker, local produce and much more there is something to suit everyone’s taste pallet.

Unlike any other festival, native animals like Kangaroo and Emu will be cooked in an earth oven or Kup Murri. There will be local sweets and cakes, decadent desserts, coffee and plenty more. With so many activities available, you are sure to work up a killer appetite and we have you covered.

festival foodPrepare your taste buds for a tour through some of Queensland's finest Aboriginal foods with our Aboriginal Chefs and cooks who can't wait to show you it is all more than Kangaroo and grubs.   The range of Aboriginal and outback festival foods will be astounding as well as the creative professional chefs and cooks whose passion it to deliver interesting flavours combinations.

Cully Fest has prepared a number of cooking demonstrations to teach patrons how to cook famous bush foods and to learn about native dishes.

festival foodOne of Cully Fest's main objectives is to promote local and outback life and the festival food aspect will continue the theme.

This Toowoomba festival will entice your taste buds and fill your tummy after a busy day of outback and aboriginal culture.

our vision, festival foodTickets are now on sale so get your family and friends to Cully Fest for three days of family fun. Learn about Australian history, bush life, indigenous culture and taste some of the best local cuisine the Darling Downs has to offer. Visit for more information.

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festival food

Festival food

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