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Toowoomba Festival Activities Fun & Educational

Toowoomba Festival activitiesThe 2017 Cully Fest Aboriginal and Outback Folk Festival is a three day, family fun Toowoomba festival with a jam packed line-up of activities.

Expect an extensive range of activities at this Toowoomba festival including laser tag, an animal farm, fairy wonderland, fossil digging and opal fossicking.

The Toowoomba showground’s will be transformed into a high tech laser battle arena come Cully Fest.

If you have what it takes, challenge your family and friends to an intense and thrilling game of laser tag and see who comes out alive. With team bases, challenging obstacles and confusing mazes the Cully Fest laser tag will be both mentally and physically challenging. Everyone is welcome to get amongst some fast paced laser tag action, happening across all three days at this Toowoomba festival.

Toowoomba Festival activitiesWho doesn’t love cute, fluffy farm animals? Well, another one of the Toowoomba festival activities includes an interactive animal farm.

Animals are a big part of outback life and what better way to educate the kids on how to look after and feed farm animals then an interactive animal farm. Throughout Cully Fest there will be daily feeding and educational sessions as well as times where you can just sit and play with the animals. Kids will also learn where much of their food comes from.  There will be goats, chickens, pigs, lambs and calves. It’s a great opportunity for the littlest members of the family to get up close and personal with the littlest members of the farm family.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up,Toowoomba Festival activitiesThe next Toowoomba festival activity is one more for the girls. It’s a fairy wonderland full of glittery magic. Get taken to another world, wondering through the pretty wonderland. Don’t be scared to get your face painted and embrace your inner fairy at the 2017 Cully Fest.

Take a step back in time and walk amongst some of Australia’s most terrifying dinosaurs.

Toowoomba Festival activitiesThe fossil dig is looking for any amateur paleontologists or dinosaur enthusiasts to help unearth the buried treasures of Australia. Situated deep in dinosaur country, Cully Fest is offering fun and education fossil dig sessions for all ages. South-West Queensland is a fossil hot spot and has been labeled one of Australia’s most significant dinosaur, mega fauna and micro fauna sites. Don’t miss your chance to uncover Australian history at its deepest.

With 95% of the worlds opal stocks coming straight out of Australia, it only seemed right to include opal fossicking as on of the Toowoomba festival activities.

schools program,Toowoomba Festival activitiesAn all ages experience, patrons can fossick through the Cully Fest opal cave. Come emu bobbing as the miners call it. There will be opal cutting demonstrations as well as polishing and there will be hot tips on how to better your fossicking skills.

The 2017 Cully Fest Aboriginal and Outback Folk Festival will be an epic Toowoomba festival full of entertaining activities for all ages. Don’t miss your chance to learn about Australia’s famous history through the engaging and hands on activities found throughout Cully Fest.

Tickets are flying out the door so get in quick. Visit www.cullyfest.com for more information.

Toowoomba Festival activities

Toowoomba Festival activities

Toowoomba Festival activities

Toowoomba Festival activities

Toowoomba Festival activities

Toowoomba Festival activities