Festival Lineup At Cully Fest 2017

The Epic 2017 Cully Fest Lineup


The Cully Fest 2017 festival lineup promises to be big! It promises to bring more of everything, more art, more music and more workshops.

Over a busy three-days festival goers will have the opportunity to work their way through a visual and educational journey through Aboriginal and outback culture. The Cully Fest 2017 line-up offers 11 different ways to embrace and learn about the unique culture of Australia. Patrons will find indigenous, art, schools, music, a rodeo, live talks, workshops, activities, food, markets and a massive kids mini festival.

Lineup, Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

The Aboriginal side of the Cully Fest 2017 festival lineup is vital in telling the outback story.

Aboriginal culture dates back to the beginning of Australian history with cave paintings and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Cully Fest will allow you to explore the nations rich indigenous history through hosted talks, workshops, unique art, concerts and performers as well as highly regarded Aboriginal poet and novelist Herb Wharton, who will be talking about growing up in the outback.

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The 2017 Cully Fest festival lineup offers a wide range of Australian art, both indigenous and non-indigenous.

Prepare to be blown away by the quality of work on show by artists such as Susie Klein, Peta Warner and Michael Nicholas. The Queensland Body Artists Society will also be out and about displaying their quirky style of body painting so prepare yourself for a three days of exquisite art.

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With the relocation of Cully Fest festival in 2017 it provides a fantastic opportunity for schools to jump on board.

With loads of educational workshops and hands on interaction, it will allow children from all ages to get involved, learn and most importantly have fun. It’s a rare opportunity for children to learn about the rich Aboriginal and outback culture of Australia.

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One of the highlights in the 2017 Cully Fest festival lineup will be the music.

Cully Fest prides itself on bringing you some of the best indigenous and outback music going around. Expect the likes of the triple J unearthed musician Christopher Coleman Collective and so much more. Last year Cully Fest pulled an outstanding line-up featuring The Angles and this year will be just as big if not better. Music is another exciting way to explore stories and Aboriginal and outback culture.

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New to the Cully Fest Festival lineup in 2017 is the National Finals Rodeo.

One of the countries most prominent rodeo events is now coming to Cully Fest. Rodeo’s are uniquely outback and give an insight into bush life. The fast paced environment will put the best cowboys and girls to the ultimate test and give spectators a thrill. Athletes will be competing for valuable championship points and will put it all on the line. Tickets are cheap so don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with some tough livestock and champion bushmen and women.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up, Lineup, National Finals Rodeo

The Cully Fest 2017 festival lineup will also include a range of live hosted talks.

Come and learn about outback life, indigenous history and so much more through the entertaining talks. Listen to exciting tales of adventure and wonder and engage with years of life experience. The hosted talks are on of the best ways to learn and connect with Aboriginal and outback history.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

On top of the hosted talks, there will be loads of workshops available, giving patrons the chance to get their hands dirty.

The practical workshops will include guitar workshops, didgeridoo making, dance workshops and so much more. You are guaranteed to find something up your alley with an extensive range of hands on interactive and education workshops on offer and it's all included in your entry price.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

Prepare your tastebuds for a journey through the areas finest food flavours.

With so much on offer you are sure to work up a mighty appetite and we have you covered. Try your hand at native bush foods and plants or if that’s not your things try one of the many diverse food stalls available. There will be kangaroo and emu cooked in an earth over or Kup Murri if you’d like to try some native animals. Your tastebuds will be talking for three days thanks to the range of authentic Aboriginal and outback food options available.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

We have searched far and wide to bring you the very best market stalls around the country.

The electric mix of food, arts and loads more will have something for everyone. Both local and non-local stalls will give the shopaholics something to talk about, however don’t forget to grab souvenirs for those back at home. Jan & Fay’s Cakes & Slices are a local favourite and are market regulars. Be sure to try their delicious treats. Mrs Whigton’s famous jams and chutneys will be for sale and they are not to be missed. Another local lady who’s no stranger to cooking. Les Capewell will be running an antique store and whatever your looking for, he will have. Bottles, cans, old horse gear and so many nick knacks dating back as far as the 1860’s.

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

Another drawing point on the 2017 Cully Fest festival lineup is the extensive range of activities for the kids.

The kids will never be bored at this family friendly festival with a kid’s mini stage, laser tag, face painting an animal farm and so much more. It’s an all ages education hands on experience not to be missed so make sure to bring the whole family. Get in quick whilst tickets are cheap.  The earlier you book your tickets the better the deal and the bigger the savings!

Cully Fest 2017 Line-Up

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