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This year Cully Fest is transforming the Toowoomba showgrounds into an epic battle-arena! Team bases, cool mazes and an obstacle course; it’s time to divvy up the teams: mums vs dads, or kids vs parents, and get ready to play!

9am – 6pm daily

Animal Farm

If you love all things cute and cuddly (and who doesn’t?), Cully Fest has got you covered. We’ve got all the baby animals your heart desires, and daily feeding and playtime sessions that guarantee hands-on time with our fluffy and four-legged friends.

With every farm animal present from the exotic alpaca to the humble chook, the kids will have a fabulous opportunity to discover more about how animals and their products are a part of our lives.

9am – 6pm daily

Fairy Wonderland

Step through the trees and into the moonlit glade that is Fairy Wonderland. Our resident fairies will be there to welcome you with fairy drink and fairy bread, and will keep any fairies-in-training entertained with all things sparkly and magical. Dress up, face painting, storytelling, and more – the Fairy Wonderland sprinkles that little bit of pixie dust onto the kids festival at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.

9am – 3pm daily

Fossil Dig

Calling all amateur Palaeontologists… you’re deep in dinosaur country and there are plenty of things to dig up at the Cully Fest 2017 fossil dig. South-West Queensland is a fossil hot spot and has been labeled one of Australia’s most significant locations for dinosaurs, micro- and mega-fauna. Try your hand and see what you can find – if you discover a new species, you get to name it!

9am – 6pm daily

Opal Fossicking

Fancy some “emu bopping” this weekend? Spot the opal in the ground at the opal cave, and bend down to grab it – quick! Our expert opal miners will show you how to best mine, cut, and polish these treasures at the Kids Festival, and even give you one of Australia’s national gemstones to take home with you. A great opportunity for everyone to get their hands dirty, and experience Australia’s opal mining industry hands-on.

9am – 6pm daily

Jumping Castle

Kids outpacing you this weekend in their mad dash to see everything? Grab a break from the excitement at Cully Fest and take a load off – and send the kids to the bouncy castle. We’ve pulled out all the stops this year to make sure there’s a jump-friendly environment for every age group – just make sure they take their shoes with them when they leave!

9am – 6pm daily

Kite Making

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as flying a kite… nothing except perhaps knowing that the multicoloured scrap of fabric soaring through the sky above you is one you made yourself.  Learn the fine art of making and decorating the perfect kite at Cully Fest – our pro kite maker, Susie Klein will show you the ropes, and then set you loose to figure out how to make your creation fly.

Creative Painting

We know there’s always at least one artist in every family, so we’ve organised Susie Klein and Sarah Campbell’s Creative Painting sessions to indulge that inner creative. Paint pouring, paint spinning, abstract and mural painting sessions are all on the agenda at the Cully Fest Kids Festival – and so long as you’re not particularly attached to that particular set of clothes, fun, messy, colourful times will be had by all.

Jewelery making

Looking for new ideas on what to do with the hundreds of beads you have at home? Be prepared to receive new precious necklaces, bracelets and other handmade pieces of jewellery after Susie Klein’s jewellery workshops. In sessions for both under 12s, and 13+, she’ll challenge the kids to get creative and make works of art out of beads, feathers and all kinds of bits and pieces — feel free to join in!

Hat Decorating

There’s no better way to get the kids to wear something than if they’ve made it theselves – so keep everyone sunburn-free this summer with Susie Klein’s hat decorating workshop. She’ll have the glue gun ready and waiting, just bring a hat and get creative!

Hand Puppet Making

Can’t get enough of the arts & crafts at Cully Fest 2017? Susie Klein has got another ace up her sleeve with the hand puppet workshop! Get inspired by some of the local wildlife and sew together your Cully Fest memento – the entertainment for the car ride back home will be taken care of!

Clowning & Balloon Twisting

Red nose, oversized shoes, painted faces and flowers with water squirters.

Our clown at Cully Fest is friendly and full of surprises. Drop by for a clowning workshop to try your hand at juggling, plate spinning and balloon twisting.

Face painting

A festival without face painting is hardly a festival, so we enlisted the help of professional body artists Carleen and Diana to turn everyone into fairies, tigers, monsters, or anything they want to be. Mum & Dad are welcome to join in – Carleen does some amazing partials!

Theatre Sports

Theatresports are a fun and supportive way to explore drama through improvisational games with a focus on collaborative storytelling. After an energetic physical and vocal warm-up, the group will be divided into teams and take turns performing scenes selected at random from cards.

Hoola Hooping

Hula hooping is great fun for all ages and that’s why at Cully fest we want to see everyone shake those hips, twirl, whirl and enjoy the great rhythm. We might even teach you a few new tricks but either way you are guaranteed loads of fun and laughs!


No dance experience is required just a positive attitude and a genuine hunger to learn. Open to all ages Hip-Hop dance, refers to street dance styles primarily performed to Hip-Hop music or styles that have evolved as part of the Hip-Hop culture. Our experienced and fun dance instructors will have you busting out the coolest moves in town!

Saturday 9am – 4pm plus at Disco 7pm – 10pm

Disco – Saturday night 7 to 10pm

Offering high energy mixes that will make your night a memorable one. With high energy primetime sets covering all musical genres, Specializing in Congolese (African), Hip Hop, rnb 90’s (old school) and Top 40 latest hits (new school).