Didgeridoo Making

Wood, time, patience, skill, and a whole lot of soul.

That’s what it takes to make a didgeridoo – and at Cully Fest this year you’ll be be able to learn how. Men of all ages are invited to take part in this sacred process that turns an ordinary tree into an incredible instrument whose sound just goes on and on…

Didgeridoo Playing

There’s a trick to playing Australia’s most famous wind instrument and at Cully Fest, our master players are going to show you how it’s done. Whether you’ve already mastered circular breathing, or have never touched the instrument before in your life get stuck into this rich part of Australian culture and see if you can make that famous haunting sound.

Aboriginal Language

They say a few words in the local language will go a long way – in the case of the Queensland tribes, a few words will take you a long way back, through history. Gain a deeper understanding of the origins of Australia and it’s people thanks to the aboriginal language workshops at Cully Fest this year.


Let your creative spirit soar at the drawing workshops at Cully Fest 2017. Whether you’re a regular artist, or haven’t touched a canvas in decades, pick up a pencil or some charcoal and let loose with the help of celebrated artists, Susie Klein and Sarah Campbell. They will be running Charcoal Drawing, Chalk Art, and Australian Animal drawing workshops and much more over the course of the weekend. The scenic surroundings of the Outback are the perfect place to draw inspiration from – you might be surprised at what you create.


Want to join in the sing-along fun, but know you “can’t sing”?

There’s no such thing as “can’t sing” in Josephine Birch’s world, and she’s bringing her guitar and her good humour to the singing workshops this year. ‘How to project your natural voice’, ‘improvised singing’ and ‘how to sing in harmony’ are all things being covered in a completely no pressure environment – join the group, and join in on the sing-alongs on the road trip home.


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Cully Fest brings a range of traditional and modern cooking styles and chefs together where you can experience everything from preparing a Kup Murri to taking a journey back to the nature and exploring the world of native or bush foods and how they can enhance modern day cooking and palettes. Simply watch or jump in and help prepare and cook everything from scratch. Our great chefs combine a passion for cooking great food with teaching hands on skills and introducing great flavours most would possibly never have previously experienced. It will be educational and fun but the best bit will be tasting the great flavours.

Bush Survival

Bush survival is a set of skills and knowledge gathered by bushmen and women over centuries however much of what they learned in Australia particularly in the outback was from Aboriginal people who had survived and thrived living at one with the land. Meet our larger than life characters who will teach you many great skills about how to find water, tell the time of day, find your directions and much more.


Learn a few cords, play a few songs, join a Ukulele orchestra or just have fun. Just bring yourself and a sense of fun, we’ll supply the ukuleles and everything you need for the workshop.