Sarah Campbell Art Workshop, Cully FestFor as long as she can remember, Sarah Campbell’s life has been full of colour and artistic flair and ever since picking up a pencil at a young age, has never look back. All these years on Sarah is now a valuable part of the Cully Fest team putting her illustrative and graphic design skills to good use. Sarah has an advanced diploma of illustration and graphic design and excels across a broad spectrum of art.

With parents from different sides of the world, Sarah has travelled quite a bit, however now calls Australia home. She recently moved back to Canada, but was drawn back by the unique Australian environment.

“I find so much inspiration in Australia with the beach, the weather, the colours, the Australian Flora and Fauna,” Sarah said.

“All of these things inspire me and make me want to draw, paint and create.”

Sarah Campbell Art, Cully FestOver the past twelve months, Sarah has worked tirelessly on numerous projects. She illustrated Deadly Dan, a youth anti smoking book for the Victorian Aboriginal Health Services as well as worked on countless portraits and abstract pieces. More recently, Sarah has been dedicating herself to a new inspiration of abstract art and Australian Flora and Fauna theme.

Teaching and helping others explore life through art has become a passion of Sarah’s. She runs school holidays art workshops that explore a variety of mediums and art from acrylic to watercolour, sculpting, collage and illustrating.

“My program allows children to explore creativity and improve their skills in art and beyond,” Sarah said.

“I love running these workshops because I learn so much from the kids and they inspire in me so much creativity and uninhibited joy for art,” she said.

“My goal with all students, both young and old, is to encourage confidence and fearless creation and the idea that anyone can be an artist.”

Through a three-hour daily workshop, students increase their skills and knowledge of a variety of art. They also increase social skills and appreciation for their own artistic capabilities and those around them.

Sarah Campbell Art, Cully FestFor Sarah art is so much more then just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle she said.

“Art has been my life since I could pick up a pencil and as a child I used to draw on the walls and would choose art and craft over any other activity,” Sarah said.

“When I think of art, I don’t limit myself to just pen and paper. I also take inspiration from music and the world around me,” she said.

“It’s so much apart of who I am and it’s a source of joy and the way I express myself. I think everyone is capable of this joy but lots of people think they are not.”

Here at Cully Fest we truly understand the benefits of art and that’s why Sarah is a crucial part of the team. Art is an important aspect of Cully Fest and is one of the oldest and exciting methods of story telling. Come and explore your inner artist with Sarah and the Cully Fest team in November.