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Hosted Talks Cully Fest 2017

Toowoomba festival Hosted TalksWe've scoured Queensland and compiled an eclectic mix of speakers for the Toowoomba Festival Hosted Talks Cully Fest 2017. 

Whilst their topics vary from Aboriginal culture, droving to being a roo man, their passion for this country and the people shines through.  This is authentic Australia right here, folks!  

The Toowoomba festival hosted talks Cully Fest 2017 Outback & Aboriginal Folk Festival are designed to get you up close with the characters so you can become fully immersed in everything, Aboriginal and Outback.

We have put together the most comprehensive and informative group of speakers to give you an insight into the cultures, industries, struggles, challenges, failures and the future possibilities for our part of this great country Australia.  

The hosted talks Cully Fest 2017 will get you up close to the real soul of the Queensland Outback as locals will be interviewed by the host for thirty minutes in a relaxed lounge style setting and the audience will be able to ask questions at the end.

All INCLUSIVE PRICE Once you choose your Cully Fest packages and purchase, there is no more to pay. NO hidden cost, NO extra money for festival workshops, shows, activities, talks, or competitions and this includes all the Hosted Talks Cully Fest 2017.

Another great Cully Fest activity that will provide an insight into the culture and history of the area is the Aboriginal Storytelling sessions so be sure to plan out your festival adventure so you get the most from your investment.

Herb Wharton

HerbWhartonP, Herb Wharton, Aboriginal, Aborigine, Indigenous, Poet, Storyteller, Author,hosted talks Cully Fest 2016, Cully Fest, Cunnamulla, Cully Fest Outback & Aboriginal Folk FestivalAn accidental storyteller who travels the world

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