School Excursion Program Activities Overview by Age Group

Prep - Year 3 School Excursion Program Activities Overview

There are many opportunities for Prep – Year 3 students to engage in some hands on activities and create some truly unforgettable memories at Cully Fest 2017 School Excursion Program Activities.

We are very conscious that the early years have short attention span and designed the Early Years program to suit.  Our programs are fully adaptable for ½ day excursions and ¾ day.  Our group sizing for each activity is based on a regular class size being between 20-30 students, ensure that there is enough time in a session for everyone to have a go.

Here is a suggested list of engaging activities for the Early Years

Hands OnInteractive TalksFunOther
Kangaroo or Emu DanceDidgeridoo SessionFairy WonderlandBravehearts Keep Safe Education Program
Opal MiningAboriginal Artefacts talkJumping Castle
Fossil DigAboriginal Story Telling
Drumming WorkshopAboriginal Painting Displays
Hoola HoopingOcre Displays and Talks
Animal Feeding and Talks
Art Activities



Year 4 – Year 6 School Excursion Program Activities Overview

Upper Primary students have a varied array of activities to participate in at the 2017 Cully Fest School Excursion Program Activities.

Allowing classes to either come for just a day out to experience the Cully Fest, or as a class that has a specific interests that they would like to develop and focus on.  There is something to engage everyone throughout the day.

Here are some suggested activities for year 4-6.

Hands OnInteractive TalksFun
Kangaroo or Emu DanceDidgeridoo SessionLaser Tag
Opal MiningAboriginal Artefacts Talk
Fossil DigAboriginal Story Telling
Various WorkshopsAboriginal Painting Displays
Hoola HoopingAustralian Bushfoods / Native Food
Native Food TalksOcre Displays and Talks
Art Activities
Playing a Didgeridoo (Boys Only)
Making a Didgeridoo (3hrs) Boys Only
Aboriginal Music (Girls Only)


Year 7 - Year 10 School Excursion Program Activities Overview

Lower and Middle secondary students are able to take part in all activities on offer during Cully Fest 2017 School Excursion Program Activities.

There are subject specific activities for specialist’s classes such as Art, Hospitality and music. Alternatively, bring the whole year level to expose all students to a variety of events on offer to help foster interests of secondary students going into senior phase of learning. 

Senior Subjects School Excursion Program Activities Overview

Senior Phase learners are able to access all activities on offer at the Cully Fest 2017 School Excursion Program Activities.

Senior subject curriculum activities will be developed individually to each school, contact us with your subject area and terms / semester focus and we will develop an itinerary to meet your needs.  Contact must be made before Week 5 Term 2.

Possible subjects Areas;

Tourism, Arts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Music, Drama, Dance in Practice, Early Childhood Studies, ITD subjects

For more information;

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