Reuben Birchley

Reuben Birchley Performing On Cully Fest Main Stage


Reuben BirchleyYou could say music is in the blood of Reuben Birchley.  

Reuben Birchley, the son of a concert pianist and music teacher, Reuben Birchley began playing the cello at age 8, and the guitar at 13.

Since those times, Reuben has indulged his love of singing across a huge range of genres including hip-hop anthems, pop songs, rock and folk ballads.

As a Tripple J Unearthed contestent Reuben Birchley was said to sound like Lior and his music is influenced greatly by Bob Dylan and Bruce Bringsteen two amazing artists and musicians.

In 2008 in Year 12 Reuben Birchley was one of sixty students who attending workshops in Brisbane as part of the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in the Arts program.

Creative Generation Excellence Awards in the Arts was a new program in 2008 for talented senior state school students in dance, drama, contemporary and instrumental music, visual art and design and film, television and new media and it is no surprise that Reuben was chosen to participate.

A quiet and unassuming character Reuben Birchley is a full time State School teacher by day but nights and weekends he transforms into a brilliant artist and musician and will be highlight at Cully Fest Outback & Aboriginal Folk Festival 17-19 November 2017 in Toowoomba.

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