Child Ticket Policy

Kids 0-17 FREE Cully Fest Child Ticket Policy

To develop a reputation as a happy and harmonious event is priceless to us, and the safety and satisfaction of our loyal patrons is of paramount importance which is why we have introduced a child ticket policy. We want to ensure that Cully Fest is a secure fun place for all ages and provides a positive experience for all who attend.

To enable us to offer a greater level of security and safety for all attending the Cully Fest Outback & Aboriginal Folk Festival, particularly those who are under 18, we have introduced a Cully Fest Child Ticket Policy, Conditions of Entry Policy.  We believe the introduction of the Cully Fest Child Ticket Policy will assist us to meet our liquor licensing obligations and strengthen our commitment to making Cully Fest a family friendly festival that caters to all age groups.


  • Child tickets (0 – 17 years old) can only enter the venue with a ticket and must be with a suitable adult over the age of 25.
  • The adult ticket holder must be aged 25 years or older and must be contactable by mobile phone at the festival.
  • Provide your relevant festival contact details with the ticket purchase.
  • Agree to our terms and conditions of entry – see our General Terms and Conditions.
  • Advise any associated ticket holders of the consequences of any breaches of these terms and conditions prior to arrival at the event.

Cully Fest Child Ticket Police – CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

  • All Adult ticket holders are required to produce valid proof of age identification when arriving at the Festival Ticket Gate.
  • All Adult and child ticket holders within a group must arrive at the Festival Ticket Gate together. No child ticket holder will be permitted entry without his or her adult being present.
  • Due to liquor licensing conditions within the Festival precinct, an adult must accompany all minors when they enter the Festival precinct.
  • Any breach of the above Terms of Arrival will result in refusal of entry with no exceptions. Absolutely no ticket refunds will be given.

child ticket police, cully fest, folk festival, music festival, Toowoomba festival, family festivalTERMS OF ENTRY

  • Each child must be ticketed at the same time as the adult or couple however there is no charge on the child ticket.  This is important as if tickets are sold out prior to the festival no tickets will be issued at the gate.
  • Any breach of the Terms and Conditions or Festival Etiquette or involvement in illegal activities anywhere on site will result in the immediate eviction of those involved.
  • Any breach of Terms and Conditions or Festival Etiquette or involvement in illegal activities anywhere on site, by either child patrons or their adult guardians, will result in immediate eviction of all associated children and adults from the festival site. This means that if a child breaches the conditions of entry then the adult of that child will be evicted along with all other associated child patrons. No warnings will be issued.
  • In the event of eviction from the festival site no refunds will be given.
  • In the event of eviction from the festival site no re-purchase of festival tickets will be allowed.


  • All festival visitors must be mindful of their surroundings. Loud and/or intoxicated or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated anywhere on the festival grounds.
  • All festival visitors must be respectful of others and their property and must not interfere with, damage or cause harm to any other visitor or their property.

Read our Ticketing Terms and Conditions